PEDIATRIC dentistry is all about helping the kids overcome and avoid dental fear. Seeking regular dental care at a young age is very important for setting a strong foundation in good oral hygiene. As every parent knows how important it is to give their children the best they deserve starting them off with good habits, here at Cheema Dental Orthodontics, we feel the same. Taking children to the dentist is as important as taking them to their pediatrician when they become ill. We recommend children be seen at age two to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This helps in the prevention of dental situations that are harder to manage, can become painful, and lead to severe treatments, which a parent can prevent by starting their visits early. At Cheema Dental Orthodontics, children have the opportunity to ask questions, get introduced to the dentist, staff, and instruments that are used for their treatment, and they get to view their teeth on the screen, which can be very exciting for them. Don’t delay; schedule an appointment, get started today!

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