Straumann® Pro Arch Tailored to fit. Designed to last.

Straumann® Pro Arch is a reliable dental implant solution that has helped millions of patients to regain their wonderful smiles. It is one of the treatments we offer in our centers as well.

One of the major benefits of Straumann® Pro Arch is the fact that it helps patients to avoid the pain and hassle of extensive bone grafting. It is a treatment that requires no grafting and is, hence, preferred by patients and dentists alike.

We can help patients requiring about 4 to 6 implants with a Straumann® Pro Arch. They offer reliable primary stability for immediate loading and optimal implant tilting.

Straumann® Pro Arch is, in some ways, an immediate implant solution for patients. At all our locations, we specialize in providing our patients with customized treatment options to cater to the different needs of patients according to their medical conditions.

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