You need not visit a dentist only when you have a dental health problem or disease. You can also visit a dentist to work on your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile in regards to teeth, gums, and bite.

There are so many things you can opt for when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. You can choose to improve upon the color, shape, size, and position of the teeth. You can even change the alignment of the teeth to get a beautiful smile.

We at Cheema Dental offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services for our clients. With decades of experience in this field, we have been able to harness our skills and use the best technology in the industry to help people meet their dental goals. We can help you achieve that beautiful smile you want within no time.

We offer the following cosmetic dentistry options –

Zoom whitening

All our dental locations are equipped with the Phillips Zoom in-office professional whitening equipment. It is an industry-leading tool to help in whitening the teeth to up to 8 shades in just one seating. It can even remove permanent stains and lighten the teeth.

We have achieved great success with Zoom Whitening and have seen results last up to 12 – 18 months. However, it is also heavily dependent on how the patient maintains their teeth and whether they follow the aftercare routine recommended by their dentist.

Sheer white

For patients who are looking for affordable whitening and bleaching options, we offer the Sheer White strips, which are cost-effective as compared to other treatment options in this area. It is a short and simple process that takes about 30 minutes only and results in five to eight shades lighter teeth. We also offer bleach strips for home use to our patients.

Composite fillings vs. amalgam fillings

At Cheema Dental, we always believe in providing excellence to our patients in terms of treatment, care, and service. In line with our vision to offer the best, we only work with composite fillings instead of silver fillings since it has numerous benefits over the latter.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists have had great success with composite fillings and have treated hundreds of patients. A session of filling at our dental offices takes about 20 minutes.


Bonding is a process used to repair chipped, fractured, discolored, or otherwise hurt teeth. It uses a teeth-colored composite resin to fix the problem teeth. The process of bonding is also used to fill the gaps or spaces between the teeth. It can also help change the shape or color of a tooth if not found desirable. If you are looking for a quick, simple, and affordable solution to fix your smile, then bonding is the answer.


Often people don’t like the appearance of certain teeth and wish to change their shape or look. At our centers, we do this on a daily basis with the help of Veneers. These are customized casings specially designed for the perfect fit. A little bit of enamel is removed from the tooth, and the Veneer is placed on the tooth. It is a permanent solution to improve the appearance of your teeth and achieve the smile you desire.


If you want a quicker solution than Veneers, then you can consider a Lumineers. While it gives almost the same effect and benefit as veneers, it requires little or no shaping of the teeth as compared to Veneers. It also helps you achieve the perfect shape and appearance of the teeth. You can get your wonderful smile within a few days.

Snap-on smile

For people looking to get a perfect, picture-worthy smile without any effort or pain, or time, Snap-on Smile® is a wonderful option. It is a non-invasive cosmetic tool that is fully removable as well. You can simply snap it on when you need and snap it out when you don’t need it any longer. It is an excellent cosmetic dentistry option for people trying to avoid any hassle.

Other Services

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